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2-channel video (color, sound)

Same/Difference is part of an on-going collaboration with visual artist, Yujin Lee.

Original music: Chatori Shimizu

Camera: Kyung-min Kang, Yujin Lee, Nicole Maloof
Interviewees: Maxine Builder (writer), Suejin Chung (visual artist), Shinhee Han (psychotherapist), Sujin Han (student), Byron Kim (visual artist), Jungwon Kim (historian), Chris Lee (student), Jinsook Lee (art critic), Rose Legrone (junior Fulbright researcher), Rachel Lim (student), Quan Nguyen (junior Fulbright researcher), Injin Yoon (sociologist), Jong In Yoon (student)

Theater footage is taken from “Here Comes Shim-Chung” performed at the National Theater of Korea on January 11th, 2015